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Orchard Hill Church: Cedar Falls, IA

Easter Lake Baptist Church: Des Moines, Iowa

Grace Fellowhip Church: Decorah, Iowa

Saturday Night a First: Ames, Iowa

First Church of the Nazarene: Co. Bluffs, Iowa

Morningstar Ministries: Spirit lake, IA

Harvest Church: Des Moines, IA

Cornerstone: Sioux City, Iowa

First Presbyterian: Coon Rapids, IA

River Of Life Church: Judson, IA

Shekinah Glory: Marion, IA

Trinity Lutheran: Ottumwa Iowa

The Worship Bell Ministies: Cedar Falls, IA

Cornerstone: Ames, IA

Glenwood Community Church: Glenwood, IA

"Leadership Training, Great Commission Ministries": Ames, IA


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