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Wigtune Company: Praise music and worship study resource.  Free Christian praise song, contemporary chorus and traditional hymn, chord chart and on-line worship study.

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Disclaimer: These sites have been offered in order to assist you in your Internet research of Christian sites.  This does not mean that Wigtune Company endorses all of the views offered at these sites.


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Christian History, Pastoral and Bible Study Helps

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Bible Study Tools (This is a must. . . a lot of online resources at this site!)

Mathew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

Institute of Practical Bible Education (historical books)

The Best of Edward Gibbon’s "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"

Project Open Book: Persecution of Christians in the Islamic World

Bible Gateway - International Bible Society

Pointing the Way

The Christian Training Center


Go For Jesus

Lots of Christian resources and music

Words for Courageous Living

Sonnets for the Christian experience

I AM Bible Studies and Resources

Contains an ever-growing list of topical Bible studies, including mirrored studies with Jewish names and terminology, and a frequently updated rich resources page.


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Front Page Magazine

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Messiah.net - Messianic Jewish Movement International

Keikyo - Hot Links in Japan

The Jesus Site

The Victorious Network

Access Christian

Sermon Central



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Split Infinity Music

Gospel Music Association


Family Worship

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The Small Group Network

A Worship Place

Greg Scheer Ministries

Christian Artist Directory

Christian Songwriters Group

Lilly of the Valley Prayer Counseling Ministry:
Worship Music, scriptural supplies, prayer page, links

Sound of Life Christian Radio


Changes ‘98

A great site containing excellent chord material for jazz musicians.

Share Song

A collection of midi’s, mp3’s, lead sheets from many artists

RPJ Christian Arts Group

Ministry-Based Record Label with Mp3 background tracks, leadsheats and chord sheets

Highest Praise Productions

Contemporary praise mp3’s, Cd’s and other resources

Inspirational Christian Music

Learn to play the piano by ear quickly using the revolutionary technique of "Rhythmic Patterns"

Hearts to God

New praise & worship songs for contemporary churches. Sheet music, tracks, midi, FREE mp3s.

Free Praise And Worship.com


Tha Flow.com

Spirit Fill



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Sweetwater Sound

Vintage Drum Center

Vintage Drum Center is one of the world's largest dealers of vintage drums, offering you select professional quality snares, sets, cymbals and hardware.


Same Day Music

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Little Monsters Baby Boutique

Gifts With Love

Inspirational and traditional gifts that make a difference.


Christian eBuy

Offers listings to other Christian-owned organizations such as churches, ministries, etc


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Compassion International

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Lighthouse Church

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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics


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Manna Studio


Lanark It

"AffiliateMoney.net, Inc."

The worlds best Affiliate Marketing Directory. Helping webmasters to earn the most from their sites.



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Christian Entertainment Resources


EDA Ranch

EDA Ranch - Bed and Breakfast Style

Entertainment: New Zealand

The official entertainment site for New Zealand and the rest of The Planet.


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Christian Family Values

Christian Coalition

Focus on the Family

Gateways to Better Education

California: Capitol Research Institute

Family Research Council

Promise Keepers


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Modern Cults

Watchman Fellowship


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Rush Online

Glenn Beck

Mark Levin

Michael Savage

Laura Ingraham

Ann Coulter


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View Lenz

Amazing photos

Kisinis: France

Georges Starckmann, Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Writer - Drawings, sculptures, poetries and Literature.


Darras Hijazi: Jordan

Darras and Hijazi Intellectual Property (DHIP) which specializes in rendering professional and reliable services in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the Arab States.



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MP3 Sites

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Christian Music Entertainment Group

Christian MP3 Webindex


Caution: The following are not Christian sites, though many have Christian genres for searches. Though they can be good resources for Christian music, they also contain music that is objectionable to Christian listeners. Yet, since these sites have been gracious to contribute to the success of Wigtune Company on the Internet and are good resources for finding Christian music on the Internet, they have been included on this page.

Reverb Nation

Sound Click

Sound Cloud


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Wigtune Company believes that the current contention among Christian generations over church music is unnesessary.  One does not have to chose between the classic traditional hymn and the contemporary praise chorus and song.  Solomon declared that there is a place for everything under the sun. The worship musical material and the worship Bible study book offered at the Wigtune website support this theme. Vision Statement    Don and Vanessa Wigton share the vision of Wigtune Company.  Going to this page will inform the WEB surfer the circumstances that lead to the Wigtune offering of praise song and hymn along with the worship Bible study book that lends theology and history based support to the use of traditional Christian hymn singing in conjunction with praise chorus singing.   Wigtune Story    The Wigtune Company free on-line worship Bible study book is a manual for the use of the pastor, teacher, music minister, Bible study group, sunday school and any situation where a theological and historical lesson regarding worship is desired.  The Bible study is presented in outline form with questions that require thoughtful answers to the biblical and history based information that is presented.   Free On-Line Worship Studybook   

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.  Free Praise Music and Charts  

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use. Radio: Listen to Wigtune music on live Internet radio

Wigtune Company offers free mp3 praise music in the form of tradtional Christian hymn performed in a contemporary manner and modern praise song and choruses mp3s.  Chord charts to many of these song mp3's are available for non-commercial ministry use.   Wigtune CD's

Please help Wigtune Company by observing the copyright restrictions listed on this page.  The praise and worship materials (praise songs and hymns) have been offered up for free with love!  Copyright Restrictions    

What do you think of Wigtune's offering of praise music and worship study materials?  Let us know by e-mailing us?   Contact Us    If you have been blessed by the free praise music (praise choruses and traditional hymns) and the worship study book, don't keep it to yourself.  Click here to see how you can spread the word!   Spread the Word!

Click here to find out what organization are utilizing Wigtune contemporary Christian and traditional praise and worship music, chord charts, and online worship Bible study.  Where's Wiggy?  Links to Christian Organizations

Click here to view the Wigtune statement of faith based upon orthodox Christian beliefs.  It is upon this profession that proclaims the doctrines of historical Christianity that the Wigtune praise and worship music and Bible study have been formulated.  Statement of Faith

For Christianshomeis the eternal resting place with Jesus.  If you click here, though, you will go back to the Wigtune Home Page where free contemporary and traditional Christian praise music and an online worship Bible study book is being offered.    Home

 Back to the Wigtune Home Page: Free mp3 praise music and hymns sung in a contemporary fashion.  On-line worship study book for the Bible student, music ministers, pastor and song leaders is also available!



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